Statement ’97

I am a sculptor and Macintosh computer consultant. I have been playing with clay — with serious intent — since I was ten and with computers for the past thirteen years. These new and old media have begun to intersect and overlap for me lately, though I remain in most senses a traditional sculptor. Much of my clay-modeled sculpture is influenced by the variable point of view that imaging on a flat screen appears to emphasize by omission.

My work is in series, most recently figurative and architectural landscape or still life series. The figurative sculpture reflects personal and generic narrative, a modern mythology. The architectural sculpture is involved with formal concepts of focus, depth and perspective.

I make clay reliefs that, while static, monumental and frontal, also explore tension, action and illusion through the use of layers. A multiple internal perspective device is used to adapt traditional perspective to a fragmented and fractal world.

I am currently working in clay, mainly relief, and also other media: color, metal leaf, plaster, paper and collage.

My influences are varied. A native New Yorker, I was immersed in and exposed to a multiplicity of arts, particularly architecture, technology, primitivism, early American folk art and social & magical realism. And artists: William Hogarth, Auguste Rodin, Bruegel, Renoir, Classical Art of Greece and Rome, Michaelangelo, Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt; my friends and family; my teachers: Zevi Blum, José de Creeft, Robert Beverly Hale, Greg d’Alessio — and clay and ink — are my most enduring influences.